Mission und Vision.

Our mission is to help talented people from abroad settle down in Germany and fulfill their dreams. We help skilled workers and professionals make it in Germany: we teach them German for work (like German for medical purposes or for engineers), we help them find an Ausbildungsplatz (vocational training) and a job, we mentor them once they arrive so they do not feel alone, we do career coaching, we help them find an accommodation. In a nutshell we help them build a new life in Germany. At the same time we help German companies find qualified, motivated, suitable staff from abroad.

Our vision is a world in which people who come here to fulfil their dreams can reach their full potential, live their purpose and make their biggest possible contribution to German society. A world in which there are no understaffed professions but happy organisations and employees because every company and employee have found their perfect cultural match.


Our German way -
who we are and WHY we do what we do.

„Our love story with Germany“

The founders Ana and Maria have a few things in common. Both are Spanish women with a curious, inquiring mind, a great deal of grit and a love for adventure, which brought them to Germany in the early 2000s. Here they found endless opportunity and a lot of support, which helped them fulfil their dreams and have successful, fulfilling professional and personal lives. Their paths crossed almost two decades later. They became friends and quickly discovered that they had a common vision and purpose: to help people like them reach their full potential in ´the New Land of Opportunity´. This is how My German Way came to life. “We want to use our experience and network to give back. This is our way to contribute to this country that has been so good to us”.

Ana Gomez, co-founder at MyGermanWay

No Borders

Germany is a country in which hard work and discipline are leading cultural values. German society is achievement-oriented, a meritocracy. Besides being the leading economy in Europe and one of the first ones in the world, Germany has an aging population and a shortage of skilled workers in many key workfields, like technical and medical professions. “Here if you are hard-working, ambitious, and willing to learn, the sky is the limit”

Maria Castro, co-founder at MyGermanWay

Your German Way

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New chances in germany

Germany ranks above the average in work-life balance, education, housing, personal security, subjective well-being, income, environmental quality, social life, health system, civic engagement… There is one thing though: in order to thrive in Germany, in order to truly become all you can be here, you need to overcome the language and cultural barrier. Of course you can get by if you are fluent in English, but you will never integrate and be able to live your life to the fullest here unless you master the German language and have a deep understanding of the culture.

Ana and Maria are two women with a cool head and a warm heart. “German is not an easy language and the culture may puzzle you at first. We take that pain away from you. MyGermanWay came to life so you are not alone and your journey to a successful life is easier”.

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